Demian Bio

Demian Cervera

My name is Demian Cervera, I was born in Caracas, Venezuela in Feb 1975, son of Amparo Blanco Olaizola & Juan Diego Cervera, brother of Ricardo, Roberto & Juan Carlos Cervera.

Since a very young age I have been interested in Art, Drawing, Photography and anything Art related, both of my parents are architects so I imagine it was an influential part on becoming a tattoo artist at a much later stage.

I Finished high school in Venezuela at the age of 15 and came to England at the age of 17, ever since I worked a bars and very other random jobs including record shops & distribution companies.

Approximately 20 yeas ago I was working in a bar in Islington where I got to meet and become friends with some of London greatest tattoo artists at the time and still in the present day.

Eventually I started sketching and studying form and composition & before I realized I was obsessed with trying to get drawings to look clean and tattooable and more like the clean neat drawings of my dear friends.

I approached my friend from Spain under the name of Punko to ask for help. He looked at my drawings and told me I had a long way to go, but he kindly help me get all the equipment I needed to get started in Barcelona I believe some point in 2002.

So at the time I had two jobs and I was also trying to figure out tattooing and working hard on my drawings.

Frustrated as nobody would have taken me on board as an apprentice I decided to open a shop with someone I knew for a long time who was pursuing the same goals at the time, we put a huge effort together and open a shop in 2003, eventually things didn’t work out between us so in 2007 we part different ways and I carried out working hard in many Studios in London.

I met this great guy and talented Tattooer called Richie Clarke at the Brighton Tattoo Convention who happened to be the first person to invite me to work at his shop in Liverpool as a guest artist and was kind enough to push me to a higher level by working with him at Forever True and sharing booths at various conventions in the UK and Europe.

That kick started the desire to work at international tattoo conventions and shops all over the world, I applied for many convention and possible guest spots and before I realized I was working around the world with some great colleagues/friends who again push me and inspired me to go further in many Tattoo Conventions and guesting at fantastic Tattoo Studios.
For the last 2 years I have been really interested in Photography, so after been totally unhappy with using compact cameras, I bought a Canon EOS 5D MKII and started to shot.

Things immediately became a lot of fun even though is a pretty big challenge to start a new little adventure.

Now I have a private set up in London equipped with state of the art gear and I get visited by fantastic Artists from all over the world, so if you’re interest in commission me or artists who will be announced in regular basis, commission for paintings and any other art projects, feel free to follow the easy steps in this site and I will be super exited to deliver my very best.

Tattoo Conventions and future guest spots will be regularly posted here and also I am including a travel blog for you to read in case you’re anywhere I have been and would like pointers of fantastic places to eat, drink, and enjoy the surrounding areas which will be organised by city and neighbourhood.