Booking Information

You’re booking to get tattooed by Demian so please read this carefully because will answer most of your questions to make your life and mine easier.

What to get and where

Please try to have an approximate idea of what tattoo do you want to get, where in your body and size of the piece. I will only do tattoos I love to work on, and have fun doing, so is important you check the style that I can execute best by looking at images on my website.


You’ll need to pay a deposit of 100 Pounds Stirling, or the equivalence, in the currency of the country you reside, once the funds clear you’ll get a receipt and confirmation via email.  The deposit of 100 Pounds will be discounted off your last and final session and is not refundable. If you don’t turn up to any of your appointments with less than 48 hours notice I will keep the deposit.

You can change appointments by giving me at least 48 hours notice. I accept PayPal or bank transfers, please specify and I will send you details accordingly.


Before your consultation, please send as much information as possible in ONE email. Text messages, Twitter or FB or any other format besides email will not be accepted. London clients, once you book your appointment we can discuss if a personal meeting is required at least a week before your appointment. For overseas clients we should try for a meeting a day or 2 before our set appointment. In that meeting we can discuss ideas in length and do a tracing of the area, measurements, etc.

Please do not bring boyfriend/girlfriend/friend to a consultation and especially to your tattoo appointments. I value everyone’s opinion but this should be between you and the artist only.

I draw for each client either the day before or the morning of the tattoo, so please do not ask for drawings, I will never send drawings via email or any other way, people have gone in the past and taken my drawings to get them tattooed by cheaper tattooers. Once you turn up for your appointment we can alter anything right there and then if required.


I will send you a confirmation once the deposit has been cleared and we have set a date and time.

Relevant information, like address, directions how to get to me and any special specifications if needed will be confirmed and once that’s clear you won’t need to double check if your appointment still on, it will be on.

First Session

Please do not make any other plans on the day of your first session as there might be several adjustments to the drawing, stencil making and fitting to be done, you and I don’t want to rush. We want to make this right.

Please come well rested and eat well before your arrive. I can provide you with water, tea, coffee & lollypops, please bring any sugar/energy drinks and if you’re having a long sitting, lunch, snacks, etc. You will need to keep strong through

During your session

For large pieces

I can offer 2 options. You can schedule an appointment at the end of every session or we can set you up 6 sittings in advance. Some people like to get tattooed once a month and works well for them, others have more flexible schedules and book at the end of one appointment for the next.

Minimum of 14 days is required between sessions for the most eager people out there.

While you’re getting tattooed

Do not leave the work room without your tattoo unwrapped, just let me know if you need a break and I will clean and wrap you up.

Cancellation policy

If you cancel your first appointment you will lose your deposit, if you need to move or cancel subsequent appointments a 48 hours notice is required.  Please note that a new deposit will be required to secure a further appointment if you lose your deposit.

After care

Once your tattoo is done you will get after care instructions verbally and via email, if you follow those instructions your tattoo should heal just fine.

If you require a touch up

It is included in the price. Please wait a month before notifying me about the touch up and you will be fitted in as soon as possible. (not longer than a month to 6 weeks please)


Payment for sessions should be in cash for the full amount straight after the session is over, so please make sure you’ve gone to the cash point before your session.

International clients

I will post further conventions and guest spots and current clients will be notice with plenty of time in advance to make sure you can all book.